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Happy 1st Birthday I’m not stalking you.

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I can’t believe I have had my own personal blog for a year now. I dreamed I would have more followers by now, but I have more followers than I really thought I would have. So why hasn’t anyone offered me a million dollars and a book deal yet? Hmmm. Must be the public at large doesn’t find my posts about Punky Brewster, Mom rants, and my dogs interesting enough to follow me. You know what? I am not going to write about better topics, so for all of you who follow this blog, YOU ARE SCREWED!:)

In the last year, I lost my job, job-hunted furiously, supported my husband as he changed careers, and sat with my son through the same major surgery–twice. I feel like 2012 will hold better things for my family this year. I HAVE to tell myself that.

I am glad I have my blog, because I hope that it keeps my writing skills from getting too rusty. On my resume, I do tout my great writing and proof-reading skills. Plus, at my core, I consider myself a creative person. My asbestos friend has found an outlet for her creativity by making clothes for her kids and painting vacation bible school sets. My sister-in-law has found hers by sewing felt toys for craft shows and making Ugly Bird (Oh, I mean Angry Bird) cupcakes for her son’s birthday party. Besides, making a Werecart and Christmas stockings, all I really have is this blog.

Made by my SIL. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...

I get more joy out of brainstorming, planning, writing, and publishing this blog than I did from the last three years I was at my job. It makes me feel free, like when I was younger and used to write stories, just because I could. It makes me feel creative, because I can add links, formatting, and pictures to tell my story in the best way. It also makes me feel organized, as I have to pick which posts are timeliest and when they should be posted. I guess that means, in the end, it only matters that I write my blog, and not who may or may not read it.

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