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Will you be my Facebook friend?

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I gave in & signed up for Facebook. I didn’t want to, but I feel as though there is a slim possibility it could help me get a new job. Maybe through networking, or maybe updating a company’s Facebook could end up being part of my job. Plus, I think it makes me look like I can figure it out. Which, at this point, I haven’t quite done yet.

I resisted Facebook for a very long time, as you can tell by the year on the calendar reading 2011. Mostly because when I had a account (I know, no one has them anymore, I don’t even have mine, don’t give me that face), none of my friends would sign up & be my friend on it. I can hold a grudge for a very long time. Also, I believe that Facebook is a giant time suck. I don’t like my life being sucked away. And people always seem to get more into Facebook AFTER they have kids. How can that be? My kid needs constant feeding & diapering & attention & holding & does not like to sit in front of the computer (the pictures on the screen don’t move as often as on the TV).

So, last night, within a half hour of me creating an account, my inlaws & my inlaws’ inlaws had found me & requested to be my friend. And I accepted, because I got all excited that people liked me. I forgot that I wanted to learn how to use it before I started adding people and looking like a dork. I am also too new at Facebook to realize that someone wanting to “friend you” doesn’t really mean anything except they like to watch the count of their friends increase. They would probably friend the rear side of a donkey if it had a bow tied to it’s tail. (What?)

My friend said that she sent me something on Facebook today. I asked if I would be able to find it. She said I would see it when I logged in. I logged in. I told her,”All I see is a whole pile of crap from everyone else.” She responded: Well, yes. Thats pretty much a summary of facebook. “A whole pile of crap from everyone.” I figured out I needed to click on my name to see only my crap. Next up: figuring out how to upload pictures of my adorable child.

The good news is one of my best friends from high school, who was the maid of honor in my wedding, who I have not heard from in 5 years, friended me already. Maybe she will drop me a line sometime in the next 5 years. Here’s hoping.

PS–So far Linkedin is WAY more addictive than Facebook. What could be more fun than connecting with coworkers, former bosses, and updating your resume 12 times a day:)

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  1. Facebook is absolutely a time suck.
    Be careful you don’t fall into a Facebook Depression. (not kidding, heard a story about it on the news last night) LOL

  2. Time suck is a great way to describe FB. Awesome!

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