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NEW RELEASE! Troll Gurl and the Cursed Kingdom

Troll Gurl is my attempt at writing a fairy tale. I don’t know if it was too much of ABC’s Once Upon a Time or reading Gabaldon’s Outlander, but this is just how Ginny and Jeremie’s story presented itself to me. I’m calling it new adult, but really it is the story of her entire life, from birth to age twenty. It could almost be young adult, except for the gratuitous sex scene (as is the case with all my books).

I had some issues I wanted to explore in this book, and I guess it was easier for me to do if a fantastical element was involved, where they all lived in a time so far removed from my own. But human nature is the same, no matter time or place.

I wanted to do something close to traditional romance writing with The Riley Sisters, to see if I could do it. And I think I, more or less, accomplished that, adding my own flair. But it left all the heroines feeling whole AFTER or BECAUSE they found their man. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read that kind of story. But in Troll Gurl, I made a conscious effort to make Ginny grow to be a full, satisfied person before she finds love in her life. Was I successful? Well, only you can be the judge of that! While the prince does save Ginny’s life in this book, she reciprocates by saving his as well.

This is my fourth book published in just under two years. I often regret not publishing sooner in my life. I always took writing seriously, but for personal pursuits such as a dream journal, amusing myself & my friends, and keeping my sanity. But really, in those years I was accumulating the experiences I write about now. So, if I am honest with myself, I never really lost anything. It was all a gain. But knowing how much those experiences hurt at the time, it is hard to look back on them with a positive light. They still try to dim the brightness.

There are five poems in the book that separate it into five sections. They were not written specifically for this book, but they fit so well you will think that they were. I pulled them from my archives, with dates ranging from 1994-2013.


From the broken mind of Jennifer Friess, the joining of hearts & souls…
NOW AVAILABLE! Troll Gurl and the Cursed Kingdom






A Royal Wedding Teaches Us About Time Zones

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All the media can talk about this week is the upcoming royal wedding. I am not obsessed with it, but I will get up early & watch, just to see the pomp & circumstance of a royal wedding. (or would that be a royal graduation?) I just wish my son was older so that he could be as impressed by William & Kate’s wedding as I was by Charles & Diana’s.

I was 5 when Charles & Diana got married. My mom woke me up in the middle of the night-it seemed like it at 5 years of age-to watch TV, which I did a fair amount of anyway. There were so many things I learned that morning.

I knew that Kings & Queens & Princes & Princesses were in my story books. But I also knew that in the United States of America we did not have a King because they were Old School & mean. I knew that in the USA we had a President as the Head of State. But here on my televison were actual Queens & Princes & a soon to be Princess. They did still exist. It was enough to blow a preschoolers mind.

That was the first time I had any concept of Time Zones. Here it was dark outside my house, yet it was light at the LIVE event happening on TV. On the other side of the world. Like, the sun rotates & when it is dark at my house, it is light in England & the kids are at school & the parents are at work. Trippy.

At that age I knew I lived in a tiny town called Riga in a state called Michigan. I knew that Michigan was one of the fifty states in the United States. But I don’t think I really knew that the world was bigger than the United States & had other countries & continents until that morning. Ya, she had a mega long dress. But I took other things away that day too. I hope some kids watching on Friday realize that the world is bigger than their own neighborhood, as I did.

Years later, I would find out that England, as in “the sun never sets on the British Empire”, is just a small little island.

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