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Dopey Sock Syndrome

Note from the FunnyGurl2: This post begins a week-long series on important medical disorders you should be aware of. They could strike your family at any time. The only way to be prepared is to read all my posts this week and get informed.

Dopey Sock Syndrome (DSS) is a real disease. DSS can affect anyone, of any age. DSS can strike when you least expect it. DSS knows no racial, gender, age, or sexual orientation. It is not known how DSS spreads. DSS can cause increased incidence of tripping and falling. There is no known cure for DSS. If you feel you are suffering from DSS, see your doctor as soon as possible.

*Always wear properly fitting socks with strong elastic.*

Only YOU can prevent Dopey Sock Syndrome.

Dopey from Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

Dopey from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Dopey Sock Syndrome is what we call it in our house when your sock slides down so far that the toe of the sock starts to flop around. Mostly I am the only one who says it, because I find it very amusing. Hopefully someday my son will start saying it as well.

M's Dopey Sock Syndrome

M’s Dopey Sock Syndrome

Then there will be two of us. Dopey, of course, refers to the dim-bulb dwarf from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who is the only one that does not have a beard and has very long shoes, that I think trip him often.

So, the next time someone in your house has terribly saggy socks, you can tell them they are suffering from DSS. They will start to freak out. Then you can tell them what it stands for, and they will look at you as if you are crazy 😉

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Why is it that everyone is always complaining about the high cost of health insurance?

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The proper thing to complain about is the high cost of health care. Or rather, the outrageous prices that doctors & medical facilities bill us and/or the insurance companies. If the medical industry did not charge so much, the insurance companies would not need to pay so much, and we would all be happier people. It is my belief that we should be able to pay for reasonable health needs ourselves, without insurance or declaring bankruptcy. That is how it used to be done, before employers offered health insurance as a benefit. And soon, I believe, they will no longer be offering this benefit.

I’m sure some would argue that doctors have all those years of schooling to pay for. You know what? That was their choice. Don’t make me pay your student loans. I had my own & I paid them myself. Some would say that we need to pay for all the technology now involved in the medical profession. Really. All industries have had an increase in technology. If the grocery store started passing on to you their overhead charges in gastronomical amounts, I think we would all complain. Doctors order tons of tests, just because they can. (Sorry, I was raised not to trust doctors.)

As times get harder & harder economically, I believe employers are going to stop offering medical insurance, or make it only available to their top executives. As it is now, insurance is so expensive, I’m sure many families can no longer afford it. And while most states have some sort of insurance to put your kids on, if you have too much in savings, you will be denied. Punished for trying to prepare & be responsible.

Who are the losers? All of us, in our insurance premiums & copays & deductables. Who are the biggest losers? Those without any insurance. When you have insurance, there is a portion of your bill that the insurance company just says “Oh, I don’t think so. We will knock a few thousand right off the top of that….”, and then they pay the remaining agreed amount. If you do not have insurance, you better bet the hospital/doctor will just bill you for the whole darn stinking thing.

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