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Be Careful What You Wish For is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

I am proud to announce the publication of Be Careful What You Wish For, Book 3 in The Riley Sisters series!

This is a stand-alone book, as are all the others in the series.

Have Miley's Hollywood dreams blinded her to true love?

Have Miley’s Hollywood dreams blinded her to true love?

Miley Riley always dreamed of being famous in the spotlights of Hollywood. Achieving those dreams seemed pretty unlikely coming from the Podunk farm town of Oakley, Alabama. With no talents and no college education, she had settled into her career as a party planner and sharing an apartment with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. When the movie based on her twin sister Kiley’s book begins shooting in California, Miley wastes no time in making the trip with her for a once in a lifetime vacation. Her wildest fantasies come true when she meets a dark-haired heartthrob, rising movie star Mark Tennyson. Their relationship heats up quickly, much to the chagrin of Miley’s family and best friend Travis.

When her new L.A. life begins to publicly crumble, Miley discovers who she can really count on. The road back to her real life returns her to Alabama, but will be filled with unconventional risks. Miley will learn to Be Careful What You Wish For

For an excerpt of Chapter 1, click here:

For the first time, it is available for a limited time FREE with Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription eBook service. I must admit, this service tempts me more every day. If you have already given in and signed up for Kindle Unlimited (or if you want to do a free trial), then please check out Miley and her adventures in Hollywood.

This story really feels different in a lot of ways than the other two in the series. For one, it takes place largely outside of Oakley. And second, there are no Tucker boys left to be a love interest for Miley. Whatever will she do? Don’t worry, she does just fine.

And for those of you who have been with me since Book 1, The Wind Could Blow a Bug, there is a little bit of surprise closure for you (& Jane).

Maybe you have read Book 1 but have not yet got your hands on a copy of Book 2, When You Least Expect It? Check back soon for a Goodreads giveway of two copies.

I kept my promise. If you check the official date on Amazon, you will see that I did indeed publish this book before the end of January 2016. (I may never give myself a self-inflicted deadline again, especially post-Christmas.)

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