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Excerpt: The Wind Could Blow a Bug – Chapter 11

The Wind Could Blow a Bug is the first book in the Riley Sisters series. It is also my debut novel. Available for purchase at


The Wind Could Blow a Bug
The Riley Sisters
Book 1
By Jennifer Friess
ISBN: 978-0692339565

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If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, this will be your first glimpse at the story from the leading male’s point of view. Enjoy!

Note: Course language included.



“Rushing off again, I see. Any reason in particular?” a familiar voice came from behind him.

Wade was just throwing his tools into the toolbox in the bed of his truck. He was running behind. He knew Jane was sitting at his apartment waiting for him. Wade didn’t used to mind the twelve hour days working on the farm. But now that Jane was in the picture, that had all changed. When he woke up in the mornings, he couldn’t wait to get to the Diner to lay eyes on her innocent face.

This was a big change. He was a guy that used to sleep as late as possible. He would just smear some peanut butter on a slice of bread and fold it over, shoving it in his mouth on his way out the front door. He was always running late.

When Wade would leave Jane at the Diner, he actually would feel a little sick to his stomach when he got back in his truck to head to the farm. He chalked it up to the greasy eggs. But if Wade was honest with himself, it was more likely that he was having a visceral reaction to having to wait so long before seeing Jane again.

By the end of the day, it was pretty bad. Wade was jonesing to be with her again. Of course he wanted to have sex with her, but it was more. He also missed holding her, talking with her, watching her face light up as she talked about a favorite TV show.

Today being Friday, it was especially bad. And here Josh was trying to hold him up.

“You know. Just off to get some pussy,” Wade replied, nonchalantly.

“Whatever happened to our quality time together? We used to play video games and eat burgers. And then you just abandon me for some girl,” Josh whined. He was doing this on purpose. Josh could tell Wade was itching for this conversation to be over. He wanted to leave.

“You can do both those things by yourself,” Wade deadpanned.

“I don’t believe you are leaving to get pussy,” Josh said.

“Oh, I guarantee you I will get some pussy. But, ya know, getting off is something else you can do alone.” Wade was closer to Josh than any of his other brothers. They were so close in age. But they were too much alike. It resulted in a lot of butting heads. Like, say, right now.

“I don’t think you are going for pussy. I think you really like this little school girl. I think you are going for more than just a quick lay.”

“You’re crazy. Either way, I am not hanging around talking to you anymore when I could be getting my dick wet,” Wade grumbled.

“She is growing on you. You have never gone out with the same girl for more than a week. And you are so obedient. Running off to pick her up like a damn chauffer. . . I’m worried about you, man.”

“Why would you be worried about me? She can’t take me in a fight.” Wade laughed at the image of her trying.

“No. But she could take your money. And your heart.” Josh put his hand on Wade’s arm to get his attention as Wade opened the door to the truck. It worked. Josh got his attention. Wade pulled Josh’s hand off his arm and met his brother’s eyes.

“It’s not like that, man. She isn’t like that,” Wade growled. Josh had been jealous many times before of all the girls that Wade got, but he had never gone this far to interfere.

“Maybe, maybe not. Wade, you think every girl is interested in your body. But most are interested in your money, too. This whole town is poor as dirt. Everybody knows who holds the keys to the bank. She is graduating soon, right? Maybe you are her plan for economic stability,” Josh finished.

Josh wasn’t wearing his usual smart-ass smirk on his face. There was an earnestness in his voice that usually wasn’t there. A real note of concern, but Wade didn’t care.

“Never. She is the sweetest girl,” Wade said, shaking his head.

“Could go sour.”

“Fuck off, Bro. She isn’t like that.”

Wade climbed into the cab now. He slammed the door, started the truck, and gunned the accelerator. Josh disappeared in a cloud of dust and gravel behind him.


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