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What I Learned This Week – 1/25/15

This week I have a new favorite song: “Headphones” by Matt Nathanson.

I kept hearing it on the radio and not even realizing it was the same song that I kept hearing. Then I started singing along to it, not even realizing I had learned the words.

(That is also how “Straight Tequila Night” by John Anderson ended up becoming one of my favorite songs years ago. I just found myself singing all the words one day.)

My new favorite TV series is “12 Monkeys”, starring Aaron Stanford.

I fell in love with Aaron Stanford when I was addicted to Nikita. I never watched the original 12 Monkeys movie, but I like the series a lot. It is a mix of Terminator, Fringe, Nikita, and with the sleeping with “yo mama” joke this week, a little Futurama as well. Too bad I don’t actually have SyFy. Once they stop posting free eps on the Internet, I’m out of luck. I will miss those soulful otter eyes…

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