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What I Learned This Week. . .1/17/15


This week I learned that three periods together in text, symbolizing a pause or an emission. . . is called “an ellipsis with periods”.

And if you want to Microsoft Word to recognize this as one word, so that it does not move one or more of the periods to a separate line when you justify your text, you can use ALT + CTRL + .

How cool is that?

I have a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style. It makes me feel like a bad ass.

My first book, The Wind Could Blow a Bug is NOW AVAILABLE!

PURCHASE as a Paperback or eBook on TODAY.

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  1. LoL. do i use that a lot in my book? I think i do cause i was deciding the importance and deleting a bunch of them. I love …! Thanks again for stepping in to help with the editing.

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