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The Duct Tape Warriors

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Since I helped to create these guys, I might was well repost the “How To” blog. I made the black and white one 😉

Lazy Hippie Mama

A quickie post for my fellow Kingdom Rock VBS leaders or anyone who suddenly finds themselves in need of a knight made out of sticks and duct tape…

If you are like me you thought the knight in the Decorating Places video was awesome but you weren’t quite sure how to build him.  I asked one of the guys at church to help me out by building me a scarecrow frame.  This is the picture I gave him, from Google Images:


It was the perfect shape but it was WAY too big!!!  We cut about a foot off each “arm” and each “leg.”  Then we used the pieces we cut off as feet so our knights could be freestanding.  This will give you a knight that is about 5’8″ at the shoulder… give or take an inch or two.

Then my sweet, kind, dear asbestos friend came over and we…

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