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When I worked for the second biggest book store chain in the country (now defunct), I used to allocate regional books. There was one book that was very popular in Texas. So popular, that for a while I couldn’t get more stock, not even from distributors. I always remembered the name of that book—Good Christian Bitches.

The Book

That was the hardcover version. When they released Good Christian Bitches in paperback, it went to the national buyer and I didn’t get to buy it anymore. I was interested when I heard that ABC was going to turn it into a TV show. After all, I was responsible for a tiny part of it’s success. I was most interested to know what they would call it. I think GCB was a bad choice, and probably hurts it’s viewership. People who haven’t heard of the book and old people like my mom have no idea what GCB stand for, not that my mom would watch it anyway.

The GCB is a lot like Suburgatory. But that might not be a good comparison, since Suburgatory is also a new show that not everyone might know. Both shows take everyday things you take for granted and turn them upside down. But Suburgatory is quirkier. Maybe a better description of GCB is that it has the humor, wealth, and weekly society events of The O.C. But it is smarter. The series shows how people who know a lot about the church and scripture can twist it for their own uses. You don’t need to know a lot about religion to enjoy the show. I sure don’t.

Amanda and the Pastor

The show centers around Amanda’s return to Dallas after her husband’s scandalous death. Amanda and her two teenagers move in with her mother Gigi, played by the wonderful Annie Potts channeling Dixie Carter. Amanda was a mega-popular bitch in high school. She claims she no longer is. But it sneaks out every now and again. Every week Amanda butts heads and works together with the girls she terrorized in high school: Carlene, Cricket, Sharon, and Heather. But I don’t understand how anyone could ever terrorize Kristin Chenoweth. She is such a spitfire. I think she is much better utilized in the part of Carlene than she was on Glee. There are other sudsy soap opera elements, such as Cricket’s husband being gay and Amanda dating Carlene’s brother. But the Pastor seems to be purposefully single. I think he and Amanda could get together sometime in the future.

Cricket, Carlene(Kristen Chenoweth), Sharon

I would love to read the book and compare it to the TV show, except there are no bookstores in town. And I am a person who enjoys television much more than reading a book. Does that make me visual? Or more couch potato?

Gigi (Annie Potts) with her grandchildren

I read in my Entertainment Weekly that GCB is on the bubble and could get cancelled. That is a shame, because it is a smart, funny show. I laughed out loud when Carlene (dressed in angel wings, playing the Holy Spirit in the church musical) swung wildly on a flight harness and broke the church’s stained glass window. There are very few shows that will make me laugh out loud. There are also very few shows that I would consider buying on DVD. This is one of them. Especially if I can’t watch it on TV anymore.

I believe ABC did a disservice to this show by overplaying only one promo for the series featuring a teenage girl’s cheerleader uniform popping open to expose her breasts. The show is more than that. I don’t feel like they have showcased Annie Potts or Kristin Chenoweth enough in commercials that would drive viewership.

I urge you to catch up on past episodes at and start watching it at 10PM Sunday Nights on ABC. I will warn you, there are a lot of blond women on the show. But with a variety of figures and personalities, you will be able to tell them apart in no time.

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  1. Dang it! I just read that this smart, funny show got canceled.

    I hope it wasn’t from pressure from religious groups, cause the show had a heart in the right place. If anything needs pressure to be gone, it is shows like Jersey Shore.

    And on last week’s GCB episode (5/6/12), Amanda and the Pastor DID share a kiss. So my prediction was totally on target.

    I just finished reading the book by Kim Gatlin. It was quite a bit different than the show, but still good. I would say it is “simpler” than the show.

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