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New Year’s Resolutions – 2012 Edition

My first New Year’s resolution for the year 2012 is Total Health. This does not mean that I am going to stop eating and chain myself to a treadmill. Although, my waistline would benefit from such behavior after my “It’s Christmas, I can eat whatever I want”, “It’s my birthday, I can eat whatever I want”, and “My son is having surgery, I can eat whatever I want” attitude. No, Total Health is a manifestation for my family to not get sick or need surgery in this year or the ones to come in the future. This also includes my dogs, as Parker snuck in surgery in 2011 between the surgeries of my son.

My second resolution for 2012 is Financial Fitness. (Or should that have been Total Fitness & Financial Health?) I want my household’s incoming income to be less than the outgoing payments and bills. I want us to have an obscenely huge emergency savings fund. Or, more reasonably, at least begin our obscenely huge emergency savings fund this year and fertilize it to grow in the years to come.

My third resolution for 2012 will probably be the hardest to keep; more so than spontaneous good health and a job in the middle of a horrible recession. I want to Buy American. As much as possible.

It is hard to find Made in the USA products on the shelves of our stores. But I need to take a moment to step back & realize when I could search for the same product online. Or when I am ordering from a catalog (who DOES that anymore?), to only order products that say “Made in the USA” and not the items that say “Imported”. The only website I have found so far is The Made in America Store I have not yet ordered from them, so I cannot vouch for their quality or service. But I deeply feel like their cause is a good one. Imagine how much money we could pump into the United States economy if we all bought just one more item Made in the USA in 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Are you sure you want your “household’s incoming income to be less than the outgoing payments and bills incoming”? I myself prefer it the other way. Sounds like good resolutions though!

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