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Verdict: Not Guilty

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1 First Degree Murder: Not Guilty
2 Aggravated Child Abuse: Not Guilty
3 Aggravated Manslaughter: Not Guilty
4-7 Providing False Information to Law Enforcement: Guilty

I think the case of the State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony probably came out how it should have. I believe everything the prosecution presented was probably true, especially the motive. But in the end, they proved Caylee died by duct tape & was thrown in the swamp. But there was no finger prints, no DNA, no witnesses, that could connect Casey to this murder and absolutely no one else. The way our judicial system is set up, you can’t convict someone just because your gut says they did it. You need evidence to show it in some way.

I think Jose Baez did a very bad job as a lead defense attorney. But in the end, he did his job. He gave the jury reasonable doubt that Casey did not murder Caylee.

I do believe Casey will get her’s. Her family hates her. The whole state of Florida hates her. Much of the United States that followed the case hates her. Who would hire her for a job? Who would rent her an apartment? Some people say she could get a movie or book deal out of this. But I think she has created the wrong kind of celebrity. Afterall, no one wanted to touch OJ, even though he was found not guilty. She did henous things to her daughter. She is now a paraih.

R.I.P. Caylee Marie Anthony.

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