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The Cast of Characters frequently mentioned in my posts and in my world.

Asbestos Friend – Probably my oldest (as in the time we have known each other, I am older than her) and best friend.  We started calling each other “asbestos” friends in middle school in some of those triangle-folded notes passed between classes.  It amuses us and seems just a little more special than simply being “best” friends.  We text each other daily.  OK, hourly.  Read her blog here:

Best Friend – My other closest friend through middle school and high school and college.  We had many adventures, even taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains together while in college.  She was my maid-of-honor at my wedding.  We have fallen out of touch these days, but I still think of her dearly and wish her the best.  You can visit the Etsy site for her store here:

M – My kindergartner son.  I got his name from a character in the Twilight books.  It was the only name my husband and I could agree on.  It was discovered in-utero that he had hydronephrosis (your kidney is larger than it should be because urine isn’t draining correctly).  After having the same major surgery twice in the same year, he is now excellent.  His parents, on the other hand, are still a little freaked out by the whole experience of repeated ultrasounds, nuclear kidney scans, and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  You can read a post about him here:

My Husband – A wonderful guy that I try to not write too much about because I don’t want him to get mad at me for revealing too much of our lives on my blog.  He loves to take things apart and put them back together again and is exceptionally good at it.  He took his motorcycle with duel carburetors apart and put it back together again.  He fixed his differential, brake line, etc. on his truck on his own.  All of these vehicles now function better than before.  To read a post about his fix-it ways, read here:

Dave – My dog named Dave, who happens to be a girl.  She loves her name.  So do I.  She is an orange-haired mutt.  She loves to play catch.  She isn’t so fond of Parker, because he doesn’t know how to play (or doesn’t care too).  She isn’t crazy about sharing a house and a couch with M, but likes that he can say her name and not Parker’s.  Read more about Dave here:

Parker – Our purebred German Shorthair Pointer.  He is a master of whining.  It is his preferred form of communication.  It drives us up the wall daily.  He is an escape artist.  A lover, not a fighter.  He is the best one to sleep with in bed at night in our household.  Everyone else hogs the bed.  Read more about Parker here:

Green-haired Friend – A former co-worker that I had many adventures with in my 20’s, mostly consisting of going to rock concerts, and hour and a half lunches on Payday Fridays.  She was known far and wide at that time for dying her hair vibrant colors – red, blue, purple, green.  I settled on green because that is the color she had when I first laid eyes on her while waiting for a job interview in the lobby of my future 12 year now-defunct employer.  To follow her paranormal group, click here:

My Mom – I love my mom 50%.  I hate my mom 50%.  It is exactly even.  She was told she had stage 4 cancer and had 2 months to live.  That was in like 2007.  She is cancer-free by her shear will to be on this planet longer to have more negative thoughts.  When I told her I was pregnant, she called me a “brat”.  I am still not sure why.  I was 34 years old at the time.  Maybe because I didn’t do it according to her plan.  Please do not judge me for disliking my mom.  She is a difficult person to put up with.  For examples, read here:

My Dad – My dad died in 1975, 4 months before I was born. I never knew him. The number of Daddy and Death issues this will cause me over the course of my life still remains to be seen. For more about my Dad, read here:


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