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I Hate Nancy Kerrigan

Since the Winter Olympics are happening now, I thought this might be a good time to write this post. Otherwise, well, I will have to wait another four years for it to be semi-relevant.

In 1994, you all probably remember that Tonya Harding’s husband at the time paid a hit man to club Nancy Kerrigan in the knee, so that Nancy would not be able to make the Olympic team and Tonya would. The result was that they both made the Olympic team anyway.  Tonya qualified at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, and would go on to finish 8th at the Olympics that year.  Nancy went to the Olympics on a special “we-were-all-planning-for-her-to-go-anyway” pass. She only got silver and blamed it on her knee injury. In reality, she probably wouldn’t have done better than silver, injury-free. And I am not sure she deserved silver anyway.

That is the controversy everyone remembers.

Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan

Let me give you a little background on how figure skating got to be so popular in the mid-90’s. CBS had lost their contract with the NFL. They needed programming, specifically sports, to fill in their Saturday and Sunday afternoon programming blocks. They chose to put on figure skating, both amateur and professional, competitions and shows. So skaters and performances that had previously not been aired on TV were suddenly in my living room every weekend. My mom and I watched them all. The Olympics of 1992 came and went, putting the faces of the champions front and center on our cereal boxes and in our commercials.

The decision was made to stagger the Summer and Winter Olympics, so that they would no longer occur in the same year. In order to start this staggered cycle, the next Winter Olympics was moved up to 1994. So, the cycle of competitions that led up to the Olympics started again right away (Nationals, Worlds). Many of the competitors were the same, because it was only two years later. It was exciting to watch their skills develop and grow. To make matters more familiar, at the 1994 games there was a rule change that let professionals compete at the Olympics again. Many big names competed again, such as Brian Boitano, Victor Petrenko, and Katerina Witt, although none reclaimed their previous glory.

Now, while I love to talk smack about Nancy Kerrigan, I feel a little guilty doing it, because she was good friends with Paul Wylie. Wylie surprised many by winning the silver medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. I had a huge crush on Paul Wylie. I even painted a picture of him skating in art class. (That is how obsessed I was with him and skating.)

Paul Wylie

Paul Wylie (The first celebrity I [did not] stalk on the Internet)

My mom and I even went to see Stars on Ice at the Toledo Sports Arena around 1992. I was so happy to see Debbie Thomas perform in person. She was always my favorite. I be she remembers that performance too. She sprained her ankle right in front of me. A few weeks later, she officially retired from skating to become a doctor.

And, this is all more figure skating history from a TV viewer than you probably want to know.

The fact that we are still talking about the rivalry between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding 20 years later is crazy. ESPN just did an interview with Tonya Harding about it. Neither of them would still be household names if it wasn’t for the incident. Tonya was very athletic and completed powerful jumps, but she lacked artistry. Kerrigan could skate around artistically, but often had trouble completing her jumps.  But that damn tape kept making the rounds, of Nancy whining “Why? Why me? WHY!” Man, that gets annoying quick. I realize it should not have happened. It gave both women an unwanted legacy.

Nancy Kerrigan on the cover of Newsweek

Nancy Kerrigan on the cover of Newsweek

The real reason I don’t like Nancy Kerrigan is because I believe her nicey-nice routine is all an act. I have never met her, of course, but I just believe that in uncensored moments she gets caught for the bitch that she is. I started this post with the event that the world still remembers. The following is the event that sticks in my mind the most.

My mom and I watched live the 1994 Winter Olympic Women’s Skating Finals in Lilehammer. We saw with our own eyes that while poor little Oksana Baiul found out she had won the gold and was falling apart, Nancy Kerrigan was waiting on the ice and making nasty comments, in a very unsportsmanlike way. Oksana was virtually an orphan, her coach having guardianship of her. She was only 16, from a poor country where she had nothing, and just found out she had a gold medal. Oksana was freaking out, rightfully so. All Nancy could do was make snotty comments about Oksana taking forever to fix her makeup.

#1 – Why would you ever say such a thing?

#2 – Why would you ever say such a thing with a TV camera in your face documenting it?

It only leads me to one conclusion–that that is her true personality, that she didn’t even realize how rude that sounded to shield it from others’ ears. It was like the whole country thought she was this sweet little princess with the blind mother. But I could see that she wasn’t. She felt she was entitled to a gold medal, and she was pissed that cute little Oksana had gotten in her way.

As this incident never gets mentions, I assumed the rest of the world had forgotten about it, except my mom and I. I was pleased to see it was mentioned in Nancy’s Wikipedia entry. It also mentions when she rode a float in the Disney parade and, with an open mic she didn’t realize was on, she made comments like “I hate this. This is so corny.” to none other than Mickey Mouse himself.

Oh, yes. It is sooo “corny” to get to be the guest of honor in a Disney parade and ride on a float wearing your Olympic silver medal.

Talk about not being thankful for the things you have.

I pity you.

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  1. I can’t say I hate her. That implies a great amount of passion and I’m not passionate about her one way or the other but I agree 100%… she always seemed snarky and entitled to me. I wish that TH had not done what she did. I was rooting for her because I could relate to her… she was poor and not as elegant and refined as many of the other skaters but she tried so hard… and then she blew it. It made me sad.

    • Because I feel much the same way about Tonya Harding, I like to live in a bubble and believe that maybe she did not know about the attack beforehand. I like to give her the benefit of the doubt. Nancy was not a threat to Tonya. Really, Tonya’s worst enemy was always herself 😦

      • I honestly don’t think Tonya wanted that to happen. There is no way that she felt Nancy was a threat to her, I mean come on, all you have to do is watch the competitions. Tonya blew everyone out of the water. That’s what leads me to believe that Tonya was set up because why would she care about Nancy at all? Tonya had way more fierce competitors than Nancy.

  2. You’re not the only one who feels that Nancy Kerrigan is a biatch. I also caught bitch moments of hers on tv and while we all have them, you can tell hers were a deep rooted type of bitch. I even googled to see if anyone else felt this way and low and behold, I found your article, so that says something. I had forgotten all about the disney incident and now that you reminded me of it, it verifies how I felt about her initially.

    By the way, you described the tone of the 90’s in regards to figure skating very well. I was 11 years old in 1991 and was obsessed with figure skating. I had no idea it wasn’t aired on tv that much before the 90’s. The olympics isn’t much of anything these days, heck I can’t even remember the last winter olympics and that is SAD.

  3. I actually like Tonya . I think she actually a decent woman. Nancy on the other hand is a home wrecker who all during the Olympics was having an affair with her very married agent then married him.

  4. I agree that Nancy should not have been allowed to go to the Olympics…it wasn’t fair because she didn’t skate to qualify. I also think that Tonya’s ex planned the hit for extra insurance to make sure Tonya won so that he was guaranteed a cashcow and she was scared/embarrassed by her husband’s involvement. And yes, Nancy always seemed like a Queen B lol

  5. I always was glad Oksana won and wondered how much of an extra boost some judges gave princess nancy to give her any medal much less the silver she clearly did not skate well enough to deserve receiving.
    you have to have cared about someone to have a strong enough feeling to hate them……Nancy and Tonya should both be grateful for this incident…otherwise they would both have been forgotten within a month of that Olympiad.

  6. Tonya was always on the outside trying to fit in. If Nancy had been ugly I don’t think they would have let her go to the Olympics. Its a snobbish sport and looks do matter no matter what kind a talent you have.

  7. She is a bitch. She used to come in to the movie theater I worked at and demanded special treatment. When she didn’t get it she would throw hissy fits. She would use the “don’t you know who I am card”. Complete bitch

  8. You hit the nail on the head with this article. Before the Harding/Kerrigan thing, I didn’t always know figure skaters names, I just liked watching them on the ice. Some would give me goosebumps and others were just blah. Kerrigan was ALWAYS just blah. I watched the 1994 olympics and I remember very well after Oksana’s performance, jumping up from my couch and applauding her. Kerrigan received a “pity” medal, her performance didn’t rate.

  9. Kerrigan was brassy enough to go to the Olympics in a gold costume assuming she was winning gold. My observations have been that she is technically excellent, but lacks emotion in her skating, whereas Oksana may have lacked slightly in the technical area, but you could feel and see the emotion and feeling she put into the performance, hence her winning the gold. Just MHO.

  10. Know her. Shes not the friendliest or nicest person – to say the least.

  11. Funny, we’re all still talking about these events all these years later, but I think it’s because the sport of ice skating had become such a commercial success. It was a sport that was less team oriented unless it was an Olympic event and even then the media promoted rivals within the female ranks – as opposed to what we saw with male skaters. I think Nancy’s popularity irked
    and unnerved Harding, plus her real b–ch nature was probably aimed at Tonya who had little self esteem and all of it was made worse by that jerk she was with. I think HE really undermined Tonya’s confidence on all levels and got inside her head with regard to Nancy. Tonya was immature and never knew what it was to feel good about herself except in the area of skating. When that was threatened, she went along with that hatched plan. As for Kerrigan, she had a dysfunctional family situation herself, but was made to look like the belle of the ball – when really she was a bitchy self entitled person who really couldn’t keep it under wraps when it came down to it. Nancy Kerrigan could have had mad endorsements for years to come, but she made a lot of people nervous with her behavior, to say nothing of having an affair with her manager, a married man who would later become her husband. Once with Kerrigan, Jerry Solomon probably couldn’t afford a 3rd divorce, but what a disappointment it must have been for him to lose future offerings because the ICE princess couldn’t keep her horsey-face’d mouth shut.

  12. How many miscarriages? Maybe that’s how many children were kidnapped and killed while the FBI where babysitting her. And her 1993 worlds was more devastating to the USFSA, team than the sabena plane crash in 1961; but noone mentions it. Guess they diverted all bad things to Tonya. Its a bad habit of the USFSA to back the wrong skater (1980 for example).

  13. This bitch. I had the misfortune to see her at a Stars on Ice tour after the Olympics and she fell 8 times. I’m not kidding, we counted.

    It’s a freaking exhibition, how much do you not have to care, and how bad do you have to be, to fall that many times? I know it was just podunk town in the South but holy wow Batman.. make an effort!

    I was a kid and I remember being legitimately worried that something was wrong with her and my mom, who didn’t really have the money for these tickets but I had been so obsessed with figure skating post the Olympics that she shelled out when they came to town, was pretty upset that it turned out so poorly.

    She just comes across as a completely selfish biatch who makes minimal effort and expects to be treated like a super special princess. Even after turning in such a crappy performance that wasn’t nearly on par with any competition routine, she skated around for an encore lol.

    Hell, if I were Tonya I may have taken a swing just on principle.

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