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Still More Ill Communication

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Ill Communication-Official

Grocery Store – 2/14/13*

MOM: They don’t have my tall kitchen bags. No, I want the ones with the twist ties. No, I don’t want a box with that many bags in it. I don’t want to spend that much.

MOM: They don’t have my small garbage bags. I don’t know how many gallons, they are small. They changed the package on me. They are not allowed to change the package on me.

Car Ride Home From The Grocery Store – 2/14/13*

MOM: I want everything to be perfect. And nothing is.

ME: That is why it is hard to be your daughter.

MOM: I always thought growing up that if I was perfect, my mother would love me. Then one day I realized she would never love me. It is all her fault. I blame all my problems on my mother. You will blame all your problems on me.

ME: I do.

Saga of The Air Freshener – 2/14/13**

MOM: While I was gone they put a stinky plug-in in my hall. When I came back down I pulled it & stuck it by the elevator. If it doesn’t stay put there, it goes out! 1:59PM

MOM: I think the stink up has returned. I was by the door and smelled it. Guess it will be the trash bin for it. Bad enough I have to smell the neighbors [cooking]. 9:30PM


MOM: The smelly thing IS still down by the elevator. I sure was smelling it by the door last nite until I put onion skin in wastecan. That overwhelms everything.

Stuff She Can’t Get (Because She Doesn’t Expect To) – 2/15/13***

MOM: When I asked when my glasses would be ready she said 2 wks. That was Tuesday. If I don’t hear by next Tues (3 wks) I will call there. 9:07PM

MOM: One of my shirts [I ordered] is in the office but can’t get til [Monday]. 9:08PM

* Paraphrased from actual conversations, but highly accurate.

**From texts. My mom is justified in being disgruntled. Why does the maintence staff pursist in putting Glad Plug-ins in the hallway of an apartment building filled with old people with health problems? My mom is sensitive to strong odors. How she goes on and on about it is the funny/ANNOYING part.

***From texts.


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