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MOM: “You know, we go out and there are a lot of men who smile and talk to M [My then 17 month-old son]. And they aren’t looking at you or flirting with you, they are looking at him.” Verbal, April 2012 [Thanks, Mom]

MOM: “I know you say you have lost weight since you had him, but I just don’t see it. You don’t look thinner to me.” Verbal, April 2012 [Thanks, Mom]

ME: I used the poster frame to frame the Advance [local newspaper] with my Riga flag on it. I probably shouldn’t have had it folded all these years. 3:04PM

MOM: Its fine that you want to do that. So why make me feel dumb for hanging the thing you made. Seems same to me. 3:10PM

ME: The flag was my idea. The clay thing the teacher made everyone make. 3:21PM [It is a crappy clay pouch that I made in like the 4th grade.]
MOM: Then why bring it home at all? I need a thing to hold flowers. Why buy when I have something? Just saw cutest dog on TV! 3:26PM [Way to lose focus there, Mom]

MOM: “I expect to die alone. We all do. I hope the shirt I ordered fits.” Verbal, 7/3/12


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