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Ill Communication: Mean Things My Mom Says to Me

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-Vacation Edition-


ME: Just so you know, we are probably going to NC apr 13-16. 6:50PM

MOM: Where? 6:52PM

ME: Statesville for J’s aunt & uncle’s wedding anniversary. 6:52PM

MOM: Is that North Carolina? Glad you can afford to go away. 6:54PM [Code for: you can’t afford to go away.]

ME: We can’t. 6:55PM

MOM: You are. 6:55PM [Code for: I have to have the last word]

4/15/12 [On Vacation]

MOM: Are you starting home today? How are you holding up? 8:35AM

ME: Yes. OK. M [my son] is eating less than normal because he is easily distracted. 9:16AM

ME: Checkin out the drawers at the motel. (Picture of a playing M attached) 9:18AM

MOM: Sounds like M is enjoying this. I expected him to be fussy. Must be he’s like J [my husband]. Interested in people. Glad he’s being good for you. I think of pups too. 9:25AM

[What, was I the worst baby ever? Oh, I forgot. I was.]


ME: My souvenir Fiesta Plate (picture attached) 5:42PM
MOM: Is it reg plate size or smaller? Kind of neat to not have to describe it just send a picture. Jamie text me back. Didn’t ring. Yelled about Kenny. Reset abt 4X. 5:51PM

ME: It is a little larger. I might try to hang it on the wall or something. 5:55PM

MOM: Hang plates on the wall just like my mother. Did you listen to the voice text you sent me of M? 5:58PM

ME: I knew you would comment about grandma. 5:58PM

MOM: Call em like I see em 5:59PM

ME: It is like when your mother used to tell you that you were like grandma hayton. 6:01PM

MOM: Sorry 6:03PM

[I won. I made my point and got a sorry.]

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