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People I Would Like to Have Dinner with

Isn’t that supposed to be a personality question or something? “If you could invite any famous person, living or dead, to dinner, who would it be?” Below is my list.

Steven Spielberg – I would ask him about how to make a movie, where he get his ideas from, and how he develops them.

Jim Henson – I would find out how he kept his childhood imagination & wonder into adulthood. (For an explanation of childhood imagination & wonder principles, watch the movie “Radio Flyer”.)

President Barack Obama – I would find out how such a decent guy got to become President. And I would tell him how I campaigned for him in 2008.

Dolly Parton – Cuz she is awesome.
I could tell her that when I was a little girl I used to stuff blankets down my shirt to create Dolly Parton boobs. I could tell her how I wanted big boobs when I grew up. And how I am very thankful for unanswered prayers. And I could thank her for the books my son receives through her Imagination Library program. Maybe she could give me a makeover too.

Stephen King – So that we could sit around and eat Junior Mints and discuss pop culture. I would have to admit to him that I have never read any of his books, and have only seen a handful of the movie or TV adaptions (I loved the TV mini-series The Stand when it came out). I did read and love the column about pop culture that he wrote in Entertainment Weekly for several years. We don’t share musical tastes, but often his articles felt like I had written them myself.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am in no way implying that Stephen King plagiarized any of my writing or thoughts.

Imagine if I had them all eating dinner together? I think Stephen Spielberg would be the killjoy. He has gotten very serious in his old age. It would be fun to see Dolly and President Obama sitting next to each other. I bet they would get along great. I can just hear them laughing together now.

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  2. Somehow I don’t think I saw this post before. I love your guest list. I want to be a server so I can eavesdrop on the conversation. 🙂

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